Meet Chanchal

Meet Chanchal

Meet Chanchal. We became fast friends in 2011 while I was on a project studying the urban bus networks of Bangladesh. Our eyes and ears on the ground as we collected data, he helped us dodge every rickshaw in Dhaka.

Today, I’m lucky to say that we’ve gotten to work together on New Market Goods, too. As we started a second collection in 2015, Chanchal joined the team as our production manager. He works daily with sample makers on prototypes, communicates questions back to the designers, and initiates production runs at our partner factory Deshal. He also coordinates with the hand-loom communities that produce our textiles.

Below is a brief interview with Chanchal about his experiences working with us, conducted via email in July 2020. Answers have not been edited.

* * * 

Stephen: Why do you like working for NMG?

Chanchal: NMG is such a type of organization which has a bunch of meritorious personnel. It’s not only a business but also acts like a family. I am familiar with all of the personnel of NMG thus I feel free to communicate as well as work with them. Moreover, NMG has a unique style of work with diversified innovation. Beside it, NMG has a good understanding including friendly moods with its workers, thus its workers can be able to find out easy solutions of critical problems of their working arena. In addition, NMG will never compromise about its quality. Thus I prefer to work with NMG.

S: What is your favorite memory of working on NMG?

C: Every working hour with NMG is memorable to me but some memories are more special! Such as: 

(a) One Fall afternoon of the year 2017, workers of NMG wanted to play cricket match! Thus, they made 10 sided two teams for that match. The problem was, one shipment deadline was after that day! That means, the workers had less than 24 hours at their hand to conclude their works within the deadline! I became afraid about the deadline. The Workers assured me that, they would finish the work within the night after the completion of the tournament. They kept their words and the shipment was completed successfully. 

(b) The 5th year anniversary ceremony of NMG was very much colorful and cheerful with lots of enjoyment as well as amusement. All Personnel including Staff & workers enjoyed this celebration program staying at same platform with a very friendly environment. Which is also remarkable at my memoirs!

S: What do you think makes NMG different from your job before at the bank?

C: Banking related job is a stereotypical job which has no challenges. The working patterns of NMG are different than that of Banking with a lot of varieties as well as diversification. Moreover, I am able to generate new works, designs & patterns with new ideas and innovations here. I am becoming more innovative than that of before! Thus I prefer to work with NMG not in the banking sector more.

* * * 

Chanchal, you have been an integral member of our team to date, and we can't wait for more adventures!

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