Meet Deshal

It's quite likely the only factory of it’s kind in Bangladesh.

Founded by artists, developed as a small community of artisans, producing their own line, still sourcing textiles from hand-loom communities. Their methods may not be fully applicable to the mega factories that produce runs for fast-fashion lines. But it’s extremely important to share what they’re doing, contributing to the growing number of producers that are both responsible and successful.

"Deshal gives a new meaning to the word factory..."

Through one of our local partners, we got to know the folks behind Deshal, a popular Bangladeshi clothing line that started nine years ago as the passion project of three friends and artists – Kanak, his wife Ishrat and their friend Sabuj. We were stunned by the incredible, hand-loomed textiles that they use, and how the design of their garments (punjabi, tunics, saris) reflects the need for comfort and coolness in such a tropical climate.

As a friend wrote about them, "Deshal gives a new meaning to the word factory – bright paints, colours, folk music, quiet smiles and Ishrat, Kanak and Sabuj can be seen on the factory floor almost every day.” Their line has been super successful and they have several retail outlets throughout Dhaka.

While visiting their factory, we’d share clothing we liked and work together to design custom pieces with their textiles. After a few visits, everyone seemed game to start something new that could be sold in the US.

We agreed to start small: produce a small run of a single design in a couple of different textiles. By learning from the ground up with Deshal, we’ll be able to focus on developing a quality product while gaining full exposure to the garment production process.

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