Good, Better, Best

The Good News 

Dhanmondi and Sadarghat popovers arrived a few weeks ago, along with some totes, pocket squares, and bandanas. Our very first shipment! Many of these went out to backers already, and it’s been exciting to see folks already wearing them in the wild.

This is how they get to us. Or at least the post office in Dhaka, thanks to our pal Xitu here.

The Better News

Mirpur shirts are being produced as you read this. Right now. We hope to be getting them in a week or two, so definitely keep an eye out in your inbox as we’ll request any address changes.

The Best News 

Our patience and iteration has paid off: the latest Kotwali textile sample arrived today, and we think it’s awesome. The folks at Deshal tried a new weaving method, and the texture and weight are just so much better. It will still take a few weeks to produce a full run of the textile and construct the garments, but we can finally see the light.

More soon—


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