Thank you! Thank you!

To our Kickstarter supporters:

As you all know, we reached well beyond our stated goal, which has been incredible and couldn’t have happened without all 241 of you. We’re excited that this is just the beginning for New Market Goods, and over the next few weeks we’ll be working on the next phases of getting off the ground with production.

Best way to keep up with us in the meantime: @newmarketgoods

Also, special shout out to our designerly friends at PEOPLE OF RESOURCE, Carolyn and David, who hosted our closing party in Atlanta during the last weekend of the campaign. Special guests included the adorable Mote baby, Stephen's high school art teacher, and of course GRANDMA KENNEDY. Huge thanks to everyone that made it out to hang with us!

x NMG co.

What we'll be up to the next couple of weeks:

Sending out the backer surveys 

Keep an eye out for these in the near future. We’ll be gathering your shirt details and requests in order to get popovers in hand as soon as the run is complete!

Building out the storefront 

We’ll be making improvements to NEWMARKETGOODS.COM, building out more details about specific products, designing the purchasing experience, and building in an e-commerce backend. We’re also working on our Transparency Tracker, which will provide details about the many steps it takes to get a shirt to you.

Starting the run in Dhaka 

We’ll be coordinating with Deshal to ensure that the run gets going smoothly. Full disclosure: we forgot to take into account that July was the holy month of Ramadan in Bangladesh, so the production run on our textiles is a bit offset from our original timing. Rookie mistake. That said, we’ll be doing our best to keep you updated on when you can expect popover shipments!

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