Flag of Bangladesh

When was the last time you purchased a shirt and thought about the hands that made it and the journey it took to get to you?

Chances are high that something you own was “Made in Bangladesh.”

It is the world’s second largest exporter of clothing, but clothing companies rarely communicate or celebrate this–often because the conditions of workers leave little to be celebrated. But on our frequent trips to the country we’ve been endlessly inspired by the people, textiles, and vibrancy found in every corner.

New Market Goods was formed with the goal of better understanding and highlighting positive production practices in Bangladesh.

Each New Market Goods Garment comes to you from Dhaka, Bangladesh, where it is hand-woven and constructed. You’ll also receive our Garment Makers’ Yearbook, featuring the smiling faces of all the people whose hands made your garment possible.

We believe “Made in Bangladesh” can mean so much more.

We’ve partnered with Deshal, a community of local garment producers who’ve been striving to create better working conditions in their factory. We are improving local livelihoods by returning a share of our profits directly back to the community that is the heart and hands of New Market Goods. Together we hope to celebrate Bangladeshi artisanship, improve transparency in clothing production, and make your new favorite garment.

Celebrate Bangladeshi artisanship

We want to create beautiful garments that reflect Bangladeshi heritage. Our inspiration comes from the textures and colors on the ground in Bangladesh.

Improve industry honesty

We are highlighting positive approaches to manufacturing in an industry that has become notorious for its extremely negative working conditions.

Make your new favorite garment

Because our textiles are hand-woven, New Market Goods are made of some of the most interesting textures and colors you can find.

Where we produce

Over nine years ago, three friends and artists–Kanak, his wife Ishrat, and their friend Sabuj–started Deshal, a popular Bangladeshi clothing line.
Outside of Deshal

Since those early days, they’ve built Deshal to be so much more than a brand and a factory; it has become a tight-knit community that encourages its artisans to develop their skills and find passion in their daily work.

Together, Deshal’s founders have built what is quite likely the only factory of its kind in Bangladesh: founded by artists, developed as a small community of artisans, producing their own line, still sourcing textiles from hand-loom communities. The brand has achieved wide popularity throughout the country for both their products and their ideals.

Deshal’s progressive methods may not be fully applicable to the mega-factories producing readymade garments for fast-fashion lines. But we firmly believe that it’s extremely important to share what they’re doing by contributing to the growing number of producers that are both responsibly operated and commercially successful.