Meet Grandma

NMG backers, we're nearly 2/3 of the way to our funding goal this week, thanks to y'all! A quick note: we've added a supporter reward level that allows you to get two popovers, in case one was not enough but three is just too many.

And now for what we really wanted to share with y'all: a little more about a special person that has been integral to the project so far...

Grandma Kennedy has been described in her local newspaper as "a powerful packet of energy," hence the adoption of her nickname, Packet.

She has been our go-to state-side popover prototyper, creating the first NMG samples from her home in Roswell, GA. Her relentless focus on the details has allowed us to iteratively refine our pattern, and she certainly doesn't let us get away with anything she thinks will not fly design-wise. She says she does this all as a "labor of love," but when I call her, she now says, "Stephen, we have a business to run."

This is why she's gotten top billing as an NMG collaborator. Love you, Grandma!

x NMG co

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