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SUN•FOG 2016 Launches at Proefspace in the Mission

SUN•FOG Popup Shop

May 6-June 8

M-F 11-7PM
S-Su 1-6PM
Proefspace, 299 Guerrero St, San Francisco
Sun Fog popup at Proefspace

Proefspace is thrilled to announce SUN•FOG, a transformative retail installation by the clothing brand New Market Goods. The installation will kick off on Friday, May 6th and run through Monday, May 30th, and will be supported with an ongoing series of events.

The installation itself will embody this season’s theme of Sun + Fog, evoking a surrealistic landscape by employing dip–dyed Bangladeshi newspaper. The entire space will be outfitted like a textile workshop, complete with a sewing station.The dyed landscape motif will engulf all elements of the installation, including the furniture and work–tables, as well as traditional cork garland that hang from the ceiling, breaking the “horizon line.”

So come experience New Market Goods, and take with you your own piece of fabric of a brand that instills a level of understanding, intimacy, and responsibility not often encountered in the realm of fashion.

Proef shopping

Proef shopping